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With everything in one location you're always ready for:

  • Generating Targeted Résumés
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With Appia you can...

  • Document your success while its fresh in your mind
  • Manage career information as it happens
  • Manage multiple career paths
  • Access it whenever you’re online

Appia is a tool and a community that can help.

  • Do you hate doing résumés?
  • Do you find it hard to track all the different versions?
  • Do you find that when you need a résumé, it’s never up to date?
  • Are you new to the job market and need help crafting a résumé?
  • Do you need to keep up with the latest trends in job search and recruitment?

Appia allows you to keep all your career related information in one place. With Appia it’s easy to track accomplishments and create custom variations to make it easy to target your résumé to specific opportunities.

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